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 Genuine Ecuadorian Cochineal:  Our cochineal comes directly from Ecuador where we have established a direct, fair trade relationship with a local producer.  Located in a remote mountain valley, Jose & his wife Maria operate a small wool mill very much like our own, processing small lots of wool for local artisans.

They differ from us in one important respect however, they still use many traditional & natural dyes, including indigo, cochineal and tree bark.  Cochineal is a small, insect that when crushed produces a vivid red dye.  Only the Inca royals were allowed to wear cochineal dyed clothing.  Jose and his son gather the cochineal by hand from cactus in the surrounding mountainsides.

We are now offering this hard to get natural dye as long as supplies last.

One (1) gram/$5:                

Two (2) grams/$9              

Five (5) grams/$20            

Ten (10) grams/$35            

cochineal infesting a cactus

cochineal infesting a cactus

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