Roving Tid bits

005  011

Sold in one ounce lots.

We’re always accumulating odds & ends of roving around the mill.  These are primarily ends of run, short test runs or  perhaps a stretch were the color proportions are inconsistent with the rest of the batch.   What you can depend on however is that these tid-bits are the same high quality product as our regular rovings.

Sold grab bag style, you’ll get at least 10 different bits of roving/ounce.   Tid bits are ideal for adding little bits of color to your project.  Felters love tid bits for filling out their palette of colors.  Spinners use tid bits to add flashes of color to their yarn.  Tid bits make wild and crazy felted ball and soap eggs.

Tid bits are generally sold grab style however if you prefer certain colors please let us know at checkout and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.



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